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Wedding Table Decorations

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Whatever color scheme is used in the other parts of the house, an entirely different one may be carried out in the diningroom. Some suggestions for simple table decorations in various colors follow:

1. Large low bowl of blue and pink forgetme-nots in the center of the table, with candle shades of white, painted with forget-me-not sprays.

2. Garden basket or glass basket of yellow roses and honeysuckle with graceful sprays of honeysuckle vines trailing to the corners of the table, yellow candle shades.

3. Old-fashioned bouquet of garden flowers in old-fashioned vase - snapdragons, larkspur, coreopsis, babies' breath, mignonette - old-fashioned stiff little artificial bouquets in white lace paper for favors.

4. Hanging basket of pink and lavender sweet peas and smilax over the table, with smilax reaching to the corners of the table and caught with pink and lavender tulle bows.

5. Wood maidenhair ferns and pink garden roses, tiny ferns scattered over the tablecloth, and rose-colored candle shades.

6. Wild clematis vines from ceiling over table to four corners, and low bowl of wild roses in center beneath sprays.

7. Bachelors' buttons and mignonette in the center of the table connected with small baskets of mignonette at the corners of the table by ribbon matching the blue bachelors' buttons, tied on the handle of each basket.

8. Scarlet poppies in silver vase, silver candlesticks and shades.

9. Large bowl of "Jack" roses in the center on a table mirror, with a single large Jack rose in a slim flower holder at each corner of the table.

10. Wicker basket of June garden pinks (white and pink) with shower of tiny bells hung on pink ribbons above them from the chandelier or ceiling.

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