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Wedding Planning:
Summer Wedding Decorations
Wedding Table Decorations
Menus For Wedding Buffet Luncheon
A Wild Rose Wedding
A Field Flower Wedding
Outdoor Weddings
Fall Weddings
Three Winter Weddings


( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Following naturally on the engagement announcement and bridal showers come the wedding plans.

If the bride's house is small, a church wedding may be the solution for her, or else she may plan a house wedding with just a few chosen friends and relatives present.

Very often, if a church wedding is planned, there is a reception afterward at the bride's home. If only a few guests are invited to it, a wedding breakfast or dinner may be served, but if a large number of people are asked, buffet refreshments are sufficient.

According to the different seasons of the year, the weddings may take on varying characters. Spring, summer, fall and winter weddings, indoor and outdoor weddings, all have their own special charms.

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