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A Silver Wedding Shower

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

A little group, girlhood friends of more than twenty-five years' standing, recently planned a pleasant shower for a popular friend, the president, as it happened, of their fortnightly sewing club, on her silver wedding anniversary.

None of the ladies was rich and the gifts were planned to cost not over fifty cents each. Many of them were less than that.

Silver fittings for a work basket were chosen and included a silver needle case, a silver thimble case, a silver hem gauge, a unique tatting shuttle, a little silver ripping knife, a cunning strawberry emery with a silver hull and a wee wax cherry with a silver stem.

The gifts were wrapped in white tissue paper, tied with silver cord with a tiny shining bell inserted in the center of each knot. They were presented in a lovely sweet grass sewing basket, which in turn was wrapped and tied with silver ribbon.

This was not given, however, till the close of the afternoon's sewing, which had gone on as usual, though there was an atmosphere of ill-concealed expectation.

Simple refreshments were brought in and served in buffet style. Home-made ice-cream was passed in little ice cups which had as decorations around the rim a circlet of glittering silvery tinsel. "Silver Cake" and bonbons in silver wrappings accompanied the ice cream.

Last of all, the "shower" was borne in on a silver tray and set before the surprised guest of honor. A little rhyme explained this turn of events to the delightfully mystified recipient:

Because of many a happy hour With you, well spent, we give this shower, Just to remember in a way With love, your silver wedding day.

As an amusing little contest each lady was asked to write down ten things she had learned in the last twenty-five years. = The replies made good reading and furnished plenty of conversation till home-going time.

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