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A Girl's Birthday Luncheon

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Once a mother gave a little birthday luncheon for her daughter who was a freshman in high school. It pleased the fourteen-year-old and her friends because of the novelty in decorations and menu.

The class colors were green and white, so that scheme was used throughout. In the center of the table was a green bowl with a few paper narcissi arranged in a flower holder, Japanese fashion.

Around each plate was a wreath of smilax - any small green vine would do perfectly well -and above each plate a tiny green candle burning in a wee holder. The placecards were tied to the handles of the holders.

Glass dishes of lime drops and wintergreen candies added to the general green and white effect.

The menu consisted of fruit cocktail with a sprig of mint atop of each portion, followed by a second course of chicken a la King generously sprinkled with capers, and accompanied by hot rolls and olives. Then came hot chocolate with a marshmallow floating in each cup and milestone salad, which consisted of oblongs of cream cheese into which numerals cut out of green peppers were pressed. The milestones stood erect on fresh lettuce leaves and were served with French dressing.

After that a birthday cake was borne in ablaze with fourteen green tapers and set before the little hostess to cut. Great was the fun when the fortune favors, baked in the cake, were found by the guests.

Pistachio ice-cream accompanied the cake, but vanilla ice-cream or a green gelatine dessert would be equally fitting.

The favors were little green vanity bags made from ribbon by the fourteen-year-old's mother.

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