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Party - Doing It Differently

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

When you think of giving a party, does it mean the same old orchestra and the same old fox-trots and one-steps and the same old ice-cream and cakes? Or four tables of bridge, salad and sandwiches and a prize?

It doesn't take much to make a party different, to give it that little individual air that makes people say it was "so original, don't you know?"

And before you know it, you have a reputation for being the cleverest hostess in town. Now, instead of just giving a dance and having it called "Mrs. So-and-So's Dance," distinguished only by the name of its hostess from Mrs. Such-and-Such's Dance last week, give it a name and a character all its own.

Call it a Bo-peep Dance, or a Shadow Dance, or a Spanish Ball, or a Black Hand Masquerade.

The invitation piques everybody's curiosity to start with, and you can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose in carrying out the motif of the affair.

Suppose it's a Bo-peep Dance. Send out invitations on Bo-peep writing paper, or if you're awfully artistic, paint a dainty Dresden shepherdess on a heavy square white invitation card.

Decorate the house and porches with pink and blue paper lanterns over electric light bulbs, Bo-peep colors, you see. The unique touch is to hang from each lantern, tasselfashion, a wee, white, woolly lamb.

See if your guests won't be simply mad about the following feature dances: The Crook One-step, the Baa-baa, the Boy Blue Waltz, the Black Sheep Fox-trot, and LetThem-Alone.

The Crook One-step opens with ordinary dancing. Then a whistle blows, the girls break away from their partners and run behind screens. Presently the men see only a bevy of pretty Bo-peep crooks, ribbon-tied, beckoning over the tops of the screens.Each man must choose a partner "by hook or by crook."

The Baa-baa Dance is accomplished by the orchestra music. At frequent intervals through this number a long-drawn baa-a-a startles the dancers.

In the Boy Blue Waltz each man is handed a gay little tin horn and asked to call a partner by winding his horn in her ear.

The Black Sheep Fox-trot is one of those ever-popular contests. Each couple draws a number from a hat and goes on dancing. The numbers are called off at random and the couple holding each number must take seats as soon as it is called. The last couple left on the floor are hailed as black sheep and receive black woolly lambs as prizes.

"Let Them Alone" is danced to any twostep or one-step. During its progress, partners must not touch each other but go through the same motions.

Of course, before the supper dance there may be wide-brimmed Bo-peep hats and three cornered Boy Blue ones.

Serve Buttercup Salad-which is chicken salad sprinkled with little rounds of hardboiled egg yolks.

The ice-cream may be in little hay-cocks with a wee Boy Blue doll asleep under each stack.

The favors may be comical little white rubber lambs that squeak when squeezed.

Now you see the Bo-peep Dance isn't any more trouble to give than just "a dance," and it'll make you famous for a year.

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