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Straigh Betting At The Racetrack

( Originally Published mid 1950's )

We hope that the emphasis placed on the advice given in the previous chapter-if it could be called a chapter was strong enough to influence readers who play horses across the board to stop that costly practice and bet on the nose only.

If you have a method that will show a winning percentage of 33 percent or better-and do not play favorites exclusively-you will make considerably more profits in the long run by betting to win only instead of spreading your investments across the board.

Just take the $2 you were going to wager to place and the $2 you planned to bet for show, and put all of it on the nose where it will do the most good. Forget about picayune profits-the idea here is that we are BETTING HORSES TO WIN.

Figure the same as you would when you put your money in a savings bank that pays 3 percent interest instead of in one that pays only 2 1/2 or 2 percent.

Also, by playing to win only, a casual race-goer can work out some sort of a plan for mild progression bettingincreasing his wagers from Saturday to Saturday as long as he is winning.

We do not mean doubling your bets when you lose, or anything nearly as rash. That kind of stuff will make you lose out faster than the horse player who got divorced for doing the wrong kind of homework.

The safest kind of progression is to increase your bets when you are winning and decrease them when you are losing, which is just the opposite of the doubling-up procedure that has ruined so many race-goers.

All you need is a fair winning percentage and fairpriced horses, like the ones given in the previous chapter. The average win price on them was approximately $12.90, or better than 5 to 1. When you hit a winner like that after a slump, you can make up your losses and still show a comfortable profit on the whole deal.

Incidentally, a $10 flat bet to win on those 57 consecutive winners would have shown a profit of $3095.00 for the 30-day period. However, no one expects to hit a win ning streak like that very often, so in our discussion of progression betting in the next few chapters we will deal with winning percentages ranging from 50 percent down to 25%.

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