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Horse Racing Wagering System:
The Red Badge Of Courage
Big League Of Horse Racing
Weight Will Stop A Locomotive Or A Good Horse
Gelding Repeaters Beat Lovers At The Racetrack
Supplementary Claiming Horses
Final Summary Of Racing Systems
Glossary Of Racing Terms
More Horse Racing Tips

Summary Of Horse Racing Systems

( Originally Published mid 1950's )

The reader is urged to read this book through twice before starting operations. The two systems hardly can be digested at one reading because many of their rules never have appeared in print.

Each of the two systems contains actually only three or four rules of selection, meaning the type of horse for which you are looking. The balance of the rules-rules of elimination-are framed to weed out and discard types of horses for which you are not looking.

It is not absolutely necessary to go very far beyond the primary rules of selection if you are pressed for time, but the idea is, the more closely you check a potential play, the fewer losers you will encounter.

Even if you use all the rules, it will be possible to examine all the eligible entries at any one track, from the standpoint of both systems, in less than 20 minutes. This, of course, can be done at the track, between races, so there is no necessity of burning the midnight oil.

There are two reasons for this. One is that some races will be eliminated automatically. The other is that both systems are based on an entirely new school of thought in handicapping. In each system we look only for a solid horse of a certain type and do not give any other kind of horse even as much as a second glance.

In conclusion, your most difficult problem will be the psychological road block which you will encounter if you allow yourself to be influenced by the fact that your horse may be at long odds on the "tote" board. Don't start saying to yourself that all those thousands of spectators who are betting on the shorter-priced horses can't be wrong.

Just remember the story of the country boy who made a fortune in the stock market simply by doing the direct opposite of what the smart city folks were doing. This boy

didn't subscribe to any of the financial magazines and he didn't know a thing about any of the stocks he was buying or selling.

This lad was so dumb about stocks that he would have believed you if you told him that Warner Brothers and National Biscuit were going to put through a merger in order to manufacture talking animal crackers. But he was a keen student of human nature and he noticed that very few of the smart city folks made money on their investments. So every day he would ask them if they were buying or selling.

If they said they were buying, he would sell. If they said they were selling, he would buy.

And that's why this fellow never studied, never worried and did things just the opposite of everyone else, yet lived to be 108 years old and made eight million dollars.

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