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Gelding Repeaters Beat Lovers At The Racetrack

( Originally Published mid 1950's )

As noted earlier, geldings win more claiming races than other types of steeds.

The writer had been noticing this increasingly, and further food for thought was forthcoming when two leading jockeys gave interviews in which each pilot happened to remark that he would have won such and such a race if the colt he was riding hadn't gotten too interested in some filly in the race to keep his mind on what he was supposed to be doing.

Now if this romance business is going to make colts and fillies lose races, who would benefit the most from such a situation? Why, who else but the gelding?

This sad but steady fellow, not a romancer but frequently a real runner, may not be as fast as a colt or a filly in the race and therefore may be a long price. But at least he keeps his mind on his racing business and as a result, frequently steals the race while the lovers are acting playful.

While the handsome colt is rolling those big brown eyes at the beautiful filly, or gallantly escorting her around the track in the approved Chesterfieldian manner, thus distracting her as well, our platonic but steady-going gelding gains many lengths and gets home in front before the frantic jockeys on the colt and the filly can whip their mounts into action, too late to do any good.

In this connection, don't forget that a fifth of a second is supposed to equal a length, in handicapping systems. So if a romantic colt dillydallies for as much as one sec ond, he is likely to find himself squarely behind the eight ball as far as his chances of winning the race are concerned.

Therefore, extra concessions have been made to geldings in our claiming race system, and also in the betting system described earlier.

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