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A Guide To Florida Fishing:
Large-Mouthed Black Bass
Crappie Or Speckled Perch
Bluegill Or Bream
Red-Breasted Sun Fish
Warmouth Perch Or Rock Bass
Pickerel Or Jackfish
Salt-Water Trout (Spotter Weakfish)
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A haughty member of the Cravalle family, the Amberjack does not inhabit local waters with the regularity of many of the smaller species, but is taken frequently and with much delight by parties who visit the reefs and "outside" locations. They are greyish purple on back and have a golden sheen resembling the Pompano; the belly being almost pure white, the fins are tinged with a dusky yellow.

Other popular local names: Amberfish, Jack, Jackfish, Coronado, Great Amberfish, Great Amberjack.

One may expect to take Amberjacks from 10 to 50 pounds, and they usually respond more readily to baits of mullet, yellow-tails, grunts or small fish of other species. They are taken from the deep sea fishing boats by professionals and amateurs who dangle their hooks in the right places. Advice of your guide should be heeded if you want Amberjack. Use your deep-sea fishing tackle for this one. Occasionally the Amberjack bites cut bait, but usually trolling is the successful method of capture. Feathered jigs are good for them as for Dolphin.

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