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A Guide To Florida Fishing:
Large-Mouthed Black Bass
Crappie Or Speckled Perch
Bluegill Or Bream
Red-Breasted Sun Fish
Warmouth Perch Or Rock Bass
Pickerel Or Jackfish
Salt-Water Trout (Spotter Weakfish)
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Red-Breasted Sunfish

When you pull this little fellow protestingly from the water, you have in hand the most beautiful of Florida's fresh water fish.

He's a light olive color above, but his underside in contrast to the customary paleness of most fish, is brilliant red-orange. The sides are pale blue and spotted red. The dorsal and caudal fins have a yellowish orange cast.

Some locals are content to misname him mere Bream or Brim, but others call him Red-Bellied Perch, just plain Redbelly, or RedBreasted Bream.

You are not likely to catch one more than three-quarters of a pound in weight, and the average is half a pound. They make good eating, however.

He may be caught by still fishing, but some anglers like to practice their skill at fly-casting when in quest of Red-Breasted Sunfish. Around edges of weeds that stand in the river waters, near bridges or docks, and in the deeper holes are the favorite habitat of this fish. It usually doesn't take them long to try out a fisherman's hook.

Tackle and methods: Small hooks, number 6 to 8 should be used. Shrimp or worms are the usual forms of bait.

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