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A Guide To Florida Fishing:
Sailor's Choice Or Salt-Water Bream
Nassau Grouper
Great Kingfish
Spanish Mackerel
Pompom Or Cuban Queen
Tripletail Or Chobie
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Tripletail Or Chobie

This fish is primarily an open-water fish, though it occasionally is taken in inside waters. It prefers shady spots 25 to 50 feet deep around piling or an old wreck.

The adult fish is dull black with silver-gray sides and belly. Younger fish are mottled with yellowish or grayish blotches, or sometimes with brownish and greenish shadings.

A common name for this fellow is Tripletail, taken from the location of posterior fins that give the fish almost the advantage of three tails when trying to pull away from an angler. He also is known as Black Tripletail, Buoyfish, and Chofa.

Tackle and methods: A long heavy cane pole up to 28 feet, and at least 72-pound test line with 7/0 O'Shaughnessy hook is suitable equipment. These fish bite best at night. Bait to use is live mullet, live shrimp or menhaden.

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