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A Guide To Florida Fishing:
Sailor's Choice Or Salt-Water Bream
Nassau Grouper
Great Kingfish
Spanish Mackerel
Pompom Or Cuban Queen
Tripletail Or Chobie
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The flounder is strictly a bottom fish, white on the under side and with the power of changing color on the upper to match color with the bottom on which he is lying, even to assuming a mottled appearance to further perfect his fine camouflage.

At incoming tide the flounder is often taken at night with light and spear.

The flounder is a most interesting fish from a biological viewpoint, for he has a migrating eye. When you catch him he will have two eyes on one side of his head, though when just out of the egg, he had the normal fish shape and swam about in normal position as does a Sunfish. However, the flounder develops a tendency to swim on its side, and the eye to the bottom travels to the top of his head. The kind found here are known as Summer Flounders and their right eyes migrate to the left sides of their heads. The Winter Flounder, found in northern waters, are just the opposite, with the left eyes migrating. Why the difference, no one knows.

Tackle and methods: Use Calcutta rod and light salt water tackle with 4/0 O'Shaughnessy hook, sinker, float and 3-foot wire leader. Determine depth of water and adjust float so bait is just off bottom using live shrimp for bait. Move from place to place until located, generally close to pilings of the various fishing piers, keeping in mind that the flounder is a bottom fish and has the habit of partially burying himself in the sand where he awaits his prey-hence the necessity of moving about until he is located.

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