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A Guide To Florida Fishing:
Sailor's Choice Or Salt-Water Bream
Nassau Grouper
Great Kingfish
Spanish Mackerel
Pompom Or Cuban Queen
Tripletail Or Chobie
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This species is quite plentiful along the Atlantic coast from the Gulf of Mexico to Cape Cod, and derives its name from the peculiar croaking sound which may be heard for quite a distance, even though it is produced beneath the surface.

The Croaker is strictly a bottom feeder and lives mostly in fairly shallow water from 8 to 15 feet deep, preferring grassy flats.

The Croaker is brassy above, paler below with many dark spots on side of back, irregularly placed. He is known here also as Crocus and Hardhead. He is excellent food. Its usual size is from one-half to one pound.

The natural food of the Croaker is crabs, shrimp, sea worms, mollusks and minnows, and he takes no artificial lures. Both still fishing and occasionally surf casting, well out from the shore line, will net the fisherman Croaker.

Tackle and methods: No special outfit is necessary to catch Croaker. Just a hook, line, and sinker will get them. Use O'Shaughnessy hooks in tinned finish, from 1/0 to 2/0 with a 12-inch wire leader. Occasionally one is taken in the surf while the angler is after other fish, but that is an exception rather than the rule.

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