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A Guide To Florida Fishing:
Sailor's Choice Or Salt-Water Bream
Nassau Grouper
Great Kingfish
Spanish Mackerel
Pompom Or Cuban Queen
Tripletail Or Chobie
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This fish's fighting habits have earned him the title of "bulldog of the sea." When you think you have him licked, he starts all over again with his fight.

He is somewhat the shape of a Pompano and sometimes is confused with small Pompano, but the distinguishing characteristic is a black spot or blotch on the gill cover of the Crevalle. He is light olive on the back, shading off to a grayish gold on sides and yellowish gold on belly.

The Crevalle is known also as Jack, Jackfish, Horse Crevalle, and Jack Crevalle. His average size is two to three pounds, though he ranges up to 50 pounds.

Natural food of the Crevalle is crabs, mullet, minnows, and crawfish, but he will take artificial baits such as squids, plugs, feathered jigs and strip bait.

Crevalle, an ocean fish, are inclined to travel in schools, and once you get into a school of them, you should have plenty of action. Tackle and methods: Use a good multiplying level-winding reel that will hold at least 100 yards of 18-pound test silk casting line, or 75 yards of 9- or 12-thread Cuttyhunk line, and such lures as plugs, feathered jigs or spoons. In retrieving the lure, best results seem to be obtained by using a short, jerky motion.

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