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A Guide To Florida Fishing:
Sailor's Choice Or Salt-Water Bream
Nassau Grouper
Great Kingfish
Spanish Mackerel
Pompom Or Cuban Queen
Tripletail Or Chobie
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Sailor's Choice Or Salt-Water Bream

This is a very delectable small panfish, averaging about half a pound in size, up to two pounds maximum. His natural food is crustacea, small minnows, shrimp, clams and crabs, and therefore he is to be caught around jetties, rocks, wharves, and pilings, in pockets or holes in bays and inlets, wherever his food abounds.

His coloration is an olive cast on back, sides bluish silver with traces of vertical bars. His caudal fin is yellow, faintly barred. Other fins are pale bluish with gilt edges.

Tackle and methods: Sailor's Choice can be caught readily with a bamboo pole equipped with cork, hook, line and sinker. One should fish on or near the bottom for this fish. Real sport can be had with them on a light bait-casting rod, using cut bait dragged on the bottom with a sinker. A small hook should be used, such as an O'Shaughnessy 1 to 4 in tinned finish. A wire leader is not necessary, but should you hook some other fish you might need it, so it is advisable to use one.

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