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A Guide To Florida Fishing:
Channel Bass
Sea Bass, Rock Bass or Blackfish
Blue Fish
Sheeps Head
Mangrove Snapper
Red Snapper
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To catch a Tarpon, the Silver King, the greatest of all game fishes, is considered one of the supreme feats of angling, and yet if one really goes after them in the right way and at the right time of year, there is no need to return defeated. Tarpon fishing is at its best from June 15 to the end of August.

The largest record caught by rod and reel, was 242 1/2 pounds, caught off the coast of Mexico, March 4, 1934. However, the largest Tarpon ever weighed was netted by commercial fishermen at the inlet at the mouth of what was commonly known formerly as the Hillsboro River, now termed Indian River. It weighed 350 pounds.

Coloration of the Tarpon is bright gleaming silver on the sides with the back shading into a greenish cast. His average size is from 60 to 150 pounds, though of late sportsmen using very light tackle find great fun in playing the even more lively 25-pounders found near the creek mouths. The Tarpon makes poor eating, and unless they are to be entered in a contest, or mounted, they usually are released alive.

When the Tarpon strikes, it should be allowed to run for 10 or 20 feet with a slack line before setting the hook, otherwise he may drop the bait. His first leap usually is the most dangerous, for he often shakes the hook free then. If he is firmly hooked, you have a fair chance of landing him.

Tackle and methods: You can learn more from a fishing guide or experience than by reading a book, but in general, the more experience you have the lighter tackle you will use. Heavy tackle with 30-thread line is recommended for the novice. After a man has caught a few Tarpon, he can be graduated to a rod with a 9-ounce tip or lighter with an 18-thread line, and then to a 12-thread line as his skill increases.

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