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A Guide To Florida Fishing:
Large-Mouthed Black Bass
Crappie Or Speckled Perch
Bluegill Or Bream
Red-Breasted Sun Fish
Warmouth Perch Or Rock Bass
Pickerel Or Jackfish
Salt-Water Trout (Spotter Weakfish)
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Crappie Or Speckled Perch

Any fisherman who has not found a school of Speckled Perch when they're really biting-has missed one of the real delights of a lifetime. Being a school fish, usually when one is taken it can be readily depended upon that a good "mess" is in the immediate offing, for they bite readily, with rapidity, and with it all provide a great deal of sport.

A fresh-water panfish of unexcelled food value, they are found in slow-moving streams (usually near the bends), and near or under logs, stumps or under-water vegetation, and in deep-water pockets in lakes and ponds.

The Crappie is a member of the sunfish family, and is dark olive green in color, bears darker spots which seem in some cases to appear almost black. They usually weigh from Y2 to 1 pound, but the record catch approximates 3Y2 pounds.

A small, light cane pole is generally used for Perch fishing. Some use a bottle-stopper float, and some just the plain line. Split shot is all the sinker required, while for a line a black linen thread is standard. For hooks, an Aberdeen No. 1/0 are most popular. Small surface minnows are the best bait.

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