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A Guide To Florida Fishing:
Channel Bass
Sea Bass, Rock Bass or Blackfish
Blue Fish
Sheeps Head
Mangrove Snapper
Red Snapper
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Red Snapper

This probably is the best known of the Snappers because it is a common and delicious item on the bill of fare.

He is a deep brick red all over except that his belly and throat are paler. Even the fins are red. His average size is two to five pounds, and the largest caught was about 55 pounds.

His natural foods are crustaceans and small fish. He is caught by still fishing in the ocean depths with a hand line and cut bait. Red Snapper fishing is not much of a proposition for the sportsman, and after the first few fish are caught with the hand lines the sport of catching them soon becomes work. Nevertheless, a trip to the Snapper banks is quite interesting, though one experience is likely to last the sportsman a long time.

The Red Snapper is strictly a deep-water fish and usually is found at depths of 60 to 80 feet. Snapper banks are depressions in the sandy floor of the ocean and are well known especially to market fishermen from Long Island to Brazil. When a school of Snapper are found they usually bite consistently.

Tackle and methods: Heavy tarred hand lines that will reach to the bottom are baited with cut bait on 7/0 or 8/0 hooks to catch these denizens of the deep.

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