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A Guide To Florida Fishing:
Channel Bass
Sea Bass, Rock Bass or Blackfish
Blue Fish
Sheeps Head
Mangrove Snapper
Red Snapper
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Mangrove Snapper

This excellent food fish is noted as being a very wary biter and the proper way to catch it, like the Sheepshead, is to "set your hook just before it bites."

The Mangrove Snapper, sometimes called Red Snapper, Gray Snapper and just Snapper, frequents water near reefs, docks, and wrecks. It is found at various depths, offshore and inshore in salt water. Those from deep water usually are redder than the others.

Tackle and methods: These fish are most frequently caught in summer months, and then in large quantities on the same tackle used for Salt-Water Trout or Spotted Weakfish. Some fishermen prefer to use a cork bobber, others dispense with it. A 3/0 hook is suitable for these fish.

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