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A Guide To Florida Fishing:
Channel Bass
Sea Bass, Rock Bass or Blackfish
Blue Fish
Sheeps Head
Mangrove Snapper
Red Snapper
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Bluefish-savages of the sea-frequent almost all of the waters of the world and migrate to local waters at various seasons of the year. They seem to fight purely for the pleasure of fighting, for after they have taken all of their prey that they can digest, they disgorge their bellies of the minnows and other live food prey for the sole purpose of attacking and slaughtering other victims.

Averaging locally 1 1/2 to 2 pounds, "Blues" provide excellent food, and are particularly delicious when broiled and served with tartar sauce.

Bluefish are taken in the same manner generally as Salt Water Trout. Light salt-water tackle used. When surf fishing, small pieces of mullet are used for bait, and 510 O'Shaughnessy hooks. Another popular Bluefish outfit consists of regulation fresh-water casting outfit, using clothespin plug.

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