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Tips For Decorating Nursery

( Originally Published 1930's )

1. The nursery today is furnished for the comfort of its occupants just as any other room is furnished for the comfort of those using it.

2. Since children are to use the nursery, the furniture should be of a size which is convenient for them; therefore, if possible, have small sized furniture.

3. Just as furniture is designed to please the average person, so nursery furniture should be designed to please the average child. The color should be soft, and if with a painted design, the design should be appealing to the child, such as flowers, or an animal design.

4. Children are susceptible to their environment, and in their room everything possible should be done to stimulate the imagination and to cultivate their sense of color and order.

5. Washable walls are to be recommended, as small finger prints can be obliterated.

6. An attractive decoration, stimulating to the imagination, is an appliqued frieze around the walls of the room at about the height of the children's eyes. Bunnies, characters in Fairy Tales, and any other cut-outs which are procurable may be used for this purpose and applied by the decorator of the room or by the mother. '

7. A child's sense of order is helped by having a place for its toys and learning to put those toys away. Cupboards with the shelves low enough to the floor for the child to reach may be built in under windows or in an unoccupied wall space.

8. Furniture built on a small scale, having drawers easy for the child to open, is a wise selection. A child can then put away some of its own things.

9. A folding table and chairs, such as that illustrated, is a nice thing to have in a nursery, not only for blowing soap bubbles and drawing pictures, but for breakfast or supper.

10. A wool rug which is warm and which protects a creeping child from possible splinters in the floor or from drafts, is an excellent choice.

11. Simple chintzes in small patterns or with pictures of interest to childhood, should be chosen.

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