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Tips For Decorating Bedroom

( Originally Published 1930's )

1. Bedrooms should serve three purposes,--a comfortable place in which to sleep, to dress, and to use during the day.

2. If possible have an open fireplace in a bedroom. It adds a sense of livableness.

3. In making the background, consider restfulness in the choice of color, if the walls are painted, or the choice of color and design, if the walls are papered.

4 The soft tinted walls, either gray, green, apricot, or yellow, which are used today, form an excellent background for chintz curtains, colorful bedspreads, painted furniture or dark wood furniture.

5. If the furniture is heavy and dark, and color is needed in the room, a bright figured paper will frequently give this result.

6. The arrangement of bedroom furniture is most important. Place the bed, if possible, so that it does not face the windows.

7. If there is but one bed in the room, have a bed-side table at one side of it with an electrified lamp on it. If single beds are used, the bed-side table may be put between them to hold the lamp, pitcher of water, or book.

8. Place the bureau or dressing-table where it gets a good light in the daytime and can be well lighted at night.

9. In addition to the usual wooden chairs, have an easy chair with a small table near it, either near the fireplace or near a window. Such a table is essential for a work basket, the bundle you bring in and a hundred and one other uses.

10. When possible have a small sofa or chaise longue, as it is a most comfortable piece of furniture on which to rest during the daytime without disturbing the well-arranged bedspread.

11. Every guest room should have a desk in it, as well as most young girl's rooms, as they have no desk of their own in another place.

12. Give careful thought to the proper dressing of the bed in the daytime, choosing coverlets or draperies which suit the type of the bed and which harmonize with the general scheme of the room. Carry the color scheme of the curtains into the bed coverings, making the spread of a striped or solid color to harmonize with some figure in the chintz.

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