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How To Be A Decorator:
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Decorating Tips For Halls, Sun Rooms And Porches

( Originally Published 1930's )


1. Give an air of hospitality to the entrance hall. This is achieved by attractive color on the walls in the daytime, and by proper lighting at night. Above all things avoid a gloomy dark hall. A comfortable chair or two to sit on, a table on which to lay a hat, and a picture which invites one to linger suggest hospitality.

2. When building a small house, take a foot or two from the other rooms to add spaciousness to the hall. This will be found quite worth while, as the hall is in constant use and therefore deserves more attention than it is usually given.


1. The sun-room, for use the year round, should be heated.

2. As this is a room to approximate the outdoors, it should be as gay and bright in its coloring as possible. The walls may be tinted pale pink, green or yellow.

3. Potted plants, ferns, and ivy belong in sun-rooms, and in the cold months do much to remind us of our summer gardens.

4. Choose gay chintz hangings or more vivid colors than those used in other rooms. Glass curtains may be of gauze, or light colored silk in plain or striped weaves.

5. The furniture, instead of being of wood, may be willow, iron, or brightly painted wood with rush seats-all comfortably fitted with cushions for both backs and seats.

6. If possible have a fireplace, and the floor of stone or tile.

7. A wall fountain, or even a decorative spout with water dripping into a basin, adds charm to the room, besides serving as a source for securing water for the plants and ferns.


1. Endeavor to put the same comfort into the porch that you would put into a living-room, by using comfortable chairs, comfortably placed, convenient tables, and rugs.

2. Awnings, rightly placed, will keep out the sun and let in the breezes. Choose colors which suit the type of the house.

3. Select furniture and coverings which will stand the weather.

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