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Tip For Decorating Living Room Or Dining Room

( Originally Published 1930's )

1. In furnishing a room which is to have the combination purpose of two different rooms, it is necessary to have the qualities of each room put into the one room.

2. Therefore a living-room-dining-room must have the qualities of a living-room-livableness, comfort, warmth, sunshine, a fireplace, books and easy chairs.

3. It must also have the qualities of a dining-room-a table suitable for the service of meals; stiff chairs to sit on; a cabinet to hold linen, china and some glass; and a tea wagon or a small table which may be used for serving.

4 The furniture must be arranged to serve quite different purposes. Good arrangement is the art of successful furnishing. The choice of the table and chairs is most important. Instead of the regulation dining table, use a gate-leg or refectory table and some side chairs which will fit into the living-room and yet be comfortable for dining.

5. If the room has a fireplace, the living-room qualities naturally group themselves around or near the fireplace-sofa, table, chairs, lamps, books.

6. The door to the kitchen suggests where the tea wagon or serving table should go. Wherever it is possible the table which is to serve as a living-room table between meals and as a dining-room table at meal time should be as near the kitchen door as it is possible for it to be. If it is not near the door, it should at least be conveniently reached from the door without passing around too much furniture.

7. Since the room will be used more as a living-room than a dining-room, its background should be that of a living-room, with restful walls, attractive gay chintz and a plain rug with small rugs over it.

8. Just as much as possible, everything pertaining to the service of meals should be obliterated between meals. The table may have a bowl of flowers and a lamp on it between meals. The flowers remain on the table at meal time, and only the lamp has to be moved.

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