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Decoration Tips For Your Living Room

( Originally Published 1930's )

1. Livableness is the first quality required of a living-room. This is largely produced by arranging the furniture to give comfort.

2. Have a center of interest in every room. If it is the fireplace, place the chairs and the sofa comfortably near it with a lamp or light so arranged that it is possible to sink into a chair, turn on the light, and without moving anything, read.

3. Have the articles of furniture in the room which are necessary to produce comfort:-a comfortable davenport and a number of comfortable chairs, a desk, several small tables, as well as a large table which will hold books, periodicals, ash trays and flowers.

4. Lighting has a great deal to do with the livableness of a room. Do not have glary lights which hurt the eyes. Place the lamps so that the bulbs will not shine into the eyes when sitting in the most comfortable chairs. Shaded side lights are desirable if possible. If there is an overhead light, cover it with a silk or parchment shade which will diffuse the light.

5. For a reading lamp for the man of the family, have a strong light, in either a standard or a table lamp, placed near his chair. Place lamps in different parts of the room, if it is large

6. In choosing Orientals or good figured rugs, select the more subdued colors in small patterns for a room-sized rug. If small rugs are used on bare floors, put them where they will be held firm by the legs of a table or chair, so that no one will trip on them.

7. In choosing color for walls and chintzes for curtains and coverings, select those liked by the majority of the family. Avoid startling patterns or those in which the figure or flower is easily counted. Such patterns become tiresome.

8. It is always nice to be able to draw the overdraperies at night during the winter. It gives both color and warmth to the room.

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