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The Carpenter's Bench

( Originally Published 1902 )

One of the most indispensable essentials to the performance of operations in carpentry and joinery is the carpenter's bench. Nothing can be fairly done without it-except sawing, for which the stool is wanted; or mortising, which may also be done on a couple of stools or trestles, although small mortises maybe cut on the bench. Planing must be done entirely on the bench, the surface of a board being laid flat on the top of the bench and butted against the bench stop. In planing the edges, the board must be laid along the side of the bench, being supported on pegs (for the reception of which holes are made along the side itself) in the middle, and at one end nearest the operator, while it is gripped and held tightly against the side by the bench-jaw or vice at the other end.

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