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Varnishes And Recipers For Making Varnishes

( Originally Published 1902 )

Varnishes may be bought at the oil and color store at reasonable rates.

A few coats of varnish much improve painted or stained work by imparting to it a smooth and glossy surface. For some work, such as staining, one or two coats will be sufficient, but where it is desirable that the appearance of the article should be as good as it can possibly be made, eight or ten coats will have to be laid on. After the first three or four coats are given and thoroughly dry, take some fine glasspaper and smooth off the brush marks or any gritty particles that may have stuck to the varnish. Then give the work another coat of varnish, which serve in the same manner, and so on for every coat until the last, which should be polished with a flannel rubber dipped in Tripoli powder and water, and finished off with a powder made of suet and flour.

The same precautions must be observed with regard to the brushes used in varnishing as for painting. If put away wet with varnish, they will, after remaining unused for a day or two, be hard and utterly useless. They must, therefore, be well washed immediately after use, and will then be in proper order when again wanted.

GOLD VARNISH. --Thoroughly wash and cleanse from color one part of gum shellac; when dry pulverize it well, reducing it in a mortar to an impalpable powder; mix with it four times its weight of spirits of wine; put the mixture on the fire, and let it remain until the gum is entirely dissolved. Strain the liquor, and keep for use in a well corked bottle.

BLACK VARNISH FOR METAL, ETC. - Fuse and thoroughly incorporate asphaltum, 3/4 lb. ; shellac, 2 oz.; turpentine, 1 quart. Lay on with a brush.

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