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Achieve Happiness

( Originally Published 1913 )

"What is the highest good?" asked the early Greek philosophers. "Happiness," was the inevitable answer. It was the second question that created disagreement. "Wherein lies happiness?" And the replies were as various as those made today. If each were asked today: "What would you like best?" the answer would come, "To be happy." The second question, "What would make you happy?" would call forth the usual divergent and conflicting ideas. Each strives for what he fancies will make him happy; each dreams of a time when he shall have accomplished his purpose and when happiness will be his indeed. Wealth, fame, position, leisure, knowledge, travel, family relations, popularity-there is scarcely any limit to the answers which people consciously or unconsciously make to the question, and each life is largely governed by the struggle to attain the coveted end. In ancient times one school of philosophers replied that happiness was to be found only in pleasure. This precipitated a new question, and pleasure grew to be understood largely as indulgence. Another school answered: You can never hope to satisfy every desire, for new ones appear as rapidly as heads on the hydra slain by Hercules. Curb your desires; minimize your wants. Only by reducing them to the last degree can you find happiness. These two extremes can be paralleled today. Some seek for pleasure in a vain attempt to gratify the wildest impulses and extreme fancies. Others there be who advocate the theory of self-denial. In the happy mean safety lies. To enjoy the best life offers, substance must be gained, but when all enjoyment of years as they pass is sacrificed to greed in order to acquire more than would abundantly suffice, people have lost the true appreciation of values.

From the numerous writers upon happiness, both in early and recent times, opinions as to how it is to be obtained are given.

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