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Famous Persons Who Have Loved Cats

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( Originally Published 1928 )

THE CAT was a symbol of the sun to the Egyptians. Its eyes were supposed to vary in appearance with the course of that luminary, and likewise to undergo a change each lunar month, on which account the animal was also sacred to the moon...

Pope Gregory the Great, who lived towards the end of the sixth century, is said to have had a pet cat, and cats were often inmates of nunneries in the Middle Ages. The great value set upon the cat at this period is shown by the laws which in Wales, Switzerland, and Saxony, and other European countries imposed a heavy fine on cat-killers.

History tells of many noted men and women who were lovers of cats, both in the past and present time.

Among those who loved cats should be mentioned the Moslem warrior (El Daher-Beybars) who left a garden "The Cat's Orchard," for the support of homeless cats.

Mohammed had a favorite white cat, Mezza, who slept on the Prophet's sleeve. Dr. Johnson had a cat named Hodge, for whom he personally went to buy oysters.

Moncrif wrote a book about cats, "Histoire des Chats". Chateaubriand's pet cat was named Micetto. In his book he mentions other cats he loved and lost. Pierre Loti wrote about his pet cats; Matthew Arnold's cat was named "Atossa". The cat, Hinse of Hinsefield, was loved by Sir Walter Scott. Richelieu played with kittens. Victor Hugo loved them. Mazarin understood and appreciated his cats.

In our own time, among the many lovers of cats we can name are Agnes Repplier, Helen M. Winslow, Frances Willard, Harriet Prescott Spofford, Mary L. Booth, Sarah Orne Jewett, Gail Hamilton, Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney, Louise Chandler Moulton, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Fidelia Bridges, Thomas W. Higginson, Charles Dudley Warner and Edmund Clarence Stedman and many others.

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