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The Whiskers Of Cats

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( Originally Published 1928 )

A WONDERFUL provision for safety of the cat is her long whiskers, which help her to feel her way about at night. These are attached to very delicate nerves. By the use of these whiskers the cat can tell whether any opening she wishes to enter is big enough for her body to pass through quickly and safely.

A cat's whiskers are sensitive and should not be touched, as it may cause suffering. If they are pulled it causes great pain. Cats should be stroked gently with the palm of the hand. Their bodies are tender and they should not be squeezed or hugged, even if done affectionately.

The tail of the cat is part of the back bone, or spine, which is made up of a number of little knots of bones joined together, just like our own spines; and pussy's spine also is joined to her brain. You will understand now why puss cannot bear to have her tail pulled, and why she growls and scratches when the baby drags at it. No wonder, for it affects her brain and half maddens her for a minute.

Cats enjoy being brushed often, especially on the head between the ears. This should be done carefully, always brushing the fur the right way.

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