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The Individuality Of Cats

( Originally Published 1928 )

Cats, Like every other living thing, possess inherited traits that make for the preservation of the species and cultivated traits that have to do with love, gratitude and a regard for the feelings of others. These characteristics vary with the individual, as they do with us, depending in great measure upon congenital mental capacity and the effects of experience and environment.

I very much dislike the arbitrary human method of judging the worth or value of other forms of life by their adaptability to our real or fancied needs. I am filled with disgust for the person whose conception of the worth of other life is the measure of its service to him and his. In over forty-nine years of living I have been unable to find anything whatsoever that would justify the belief that I have a divine right to destroy or subjugate other forms of life. Such of it as I am guilty of, is done with the full understanding that I am following what Jack London called " The law of the club and fang." The fact that my brain is larger and more active than that of some other animals no more justifies me in feeling superior to all other life than would the length of a jackass' ears justify it in a like feeling. And therein, I think, lies my ability to make friends with every living thing with which I have come in contact, and my ability to derive as much pleasure from the music of the wind, the contemplation of the stars, or the companionship of cats, dogs, and other " creatures," as many men get from a monumental pile of silver and gold.

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