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Nicolo dell' Abbate (1512-1571)

( Originally Published 1955 )

Abbate, Nicolo dell' (1512-1571). Italian painter of the Maniera (see) who worked at Fontainebleau with Primaticcio. Born in Modena, he studied with his father and the sculptor Begarelli. In 1547 he went to Bologna, where he worked in the Palazzo Poggi (Bologna University) and the Palazzo Leoni. He arrived in France in 1552 and began his close collaboration with Primaticcio. It is difficult to distinguish the work of these two painters in the decorations of the palace of Fontainebleau, but Nicolo is usually credited with the galleries of Ulysses and Henry II as well as the room of Mme D'Estampes. He also designed tapestries and enamels. The overrefined and precious style of Fontainebleau influenced the decorative arts of all of Europe in the sixteenth century.

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