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Cuno Amiet

( Originally Published 1955 )

Swiss painter briefly associated - with the Brucke group in Dresden, one of the two major German Expressionist movements. Along with Nolle and Schmidt-Rottluff. Amiet contributed some graphics to the 1907 Brucke album. The art of Amiet, based on French Post-Impressionism, and especially on Gauguin, is interesting evidence of the relationship between French and German painting in the early years of this century. His affiliation with the Brucke owes its existence to an exhibition which he happened to have in Dresden in 1906, where the richness of his color and generally decorative approach were of interest to the group. Amigoni, Jaeopo (1675-1752). Venetian painter, a follower of Ricci and Solimena, in the tradition of Tiepolo, who did a great many palace decorations and Rococo portraits in Germany, England, and Spain.

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