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California White Specialty Wines

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American May Wine May wine is a rhine or moselle, in which leaves of the sweetscented woodruff, or waldmeister, herb have been infused. It is very popular in Germany, where it is traditionally served from a bowl cold, with fresh fruit in season, especially strawberries, floating in the wine.

American May wine is commercially available, made from a light California white wine which has been sweetened and flavored with woodruff.

Califorina Retsina Wine

The Greeks, who were the first Europeans to make wine, used pine barrels in which to store it, as that wood is native to the country. In this manner they became used to the pine flavor which the wood transmitted to the wine. Later they started adding resin, or the pitch of pine trees, to their wines in the processing stage. This custom has survived to this day.

Retsina wine is produced in California in Fresno County from California white wine and with resin imported from Greece. It is made from ripe white grapes, the juice being fermented without the pomace in closed fermenting tanks for a period varying from sixty to ninety days. The resin is added during the second week of fermentation.

Retsina contains about 13 per cent alcohol, is dry, and has a special tang, appealing particularly to those of Greek descent or origin. It should be served chilled.

California Grape Wine

In the restricted sense this is a sweet and heavy-bodied white wine of low alcohol content and with a rather grapy taste. It should be served cold.

Many other wines, both white and red, indicate on the label that they are grape wines in the more general sense of the term.