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Astrology - Virgo and Ideals

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Virgo and Ideals

Embracing an ideal should not be difficult for persons born in a sign which itself shares in the highest ideals. The ideal of Virgo, the Virgin, is sublimity, and every person coming under the dominion of the sixth sign receives some of this quality. The ideal manifests itself even in Virgo children and we find many young Virgos dedicating themselves to lives of community service. This is the sign of purity, devotion, and understanding. The establishment of the ideal accords with these virtues. However, the tensions of life can depress and bury this vision so that it remains hidden from Virgos for many years. To rediscover it, is not so difficult if one really wants to. It merely necessitates removing the dross of personal limitations and redirecting the mind toward the more sacred things of the universe.

Virgos should establish their goal, whatever it may be. An abstract ideal is more difficult to conceive than a concrete picture, but Virgo can construe it in his soul. Then, no matter what may occur in the mundane world, he has something eternal to cling to, something that means everything to him. By establishing this goal in life, Virgos disentangle themselves from the maze of the petty details of existence, and find that they, themselves, are projecting this ideal. Character does register in the face, even as worry does, or frivolity. People need to fix their minds upon that which makes them independent of the actions of others and independent of external circumstances. The establishment of an ideal provides an incentive to carry Virgos through all the difficulties in life. Not only do they receive help from the "star," but manifest the inner thought, and thus serve as examples to others. Like the greatest teachers, they teach by example. Thus Virgo completes the ninth labor of Hercules.