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Astrology - Virgo and Self-Renewal

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Virgo and Self-Renewal

Like the Taurians, Virgos must be shown before they can believe. If they could only have faith, they could rise very easily to a higher plane of existence if they so desired, instead of having to demonstrate to their own satisfaction that there is a new way of life, and not to attempt to prove and to judge on the basis of outward appearance. Outward appearances prove rather than disprove the rule of faith, and most people never try very hard to elevate themselves above the lower level. They are satisfied to let Nature take its course, and Nature does just that. But although we must bow before Nature, we also observe that Nature obeys us in the proportion as we first obey Her. It is a great mistake to believe that, because most people are ignorant of natural law, others cannot utilize these same laws for their ultimate benefit.

Virgos who wish to make constructive changes in their own lives must begin with some circumstance which is already under their direct control-specifically with their mental processes. Virgos should know that the mind has great power; and that, though the flesh is weak, if the spirit is willing, the flesh is never too weak; and that it is possible to elevate our thoughts so as to improve our physical states, and even our external circumstances. Virgos must learn to appreciate other people and overlook their defects. They must learn to radiate love, and to use their superb intelligences constructively. The simple act of right thinking, if persisted in each day, will remake our lives. So do not feel discouraged, Virgo, if you do not see results immediately, for it may take many months to establish a new mode of thought. After a year or so, the changes will be very apparent, not only to yourselves but to others.