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Astrology - Virgo and the Problems of Marriage

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Virgo and the Problems of Marriage

Virgos look and think twice before they leap and are wary of "assuming a continuing charge." Mental types, they are not guided by impulse or emotion. Virgoans are associated with the astrological element Earth and are, therefore, Nature's conservative, practical people who, when they do incur responsibilities, fulfill them to the letter. They are not fickle, but may often be slow to acknowledge their constant feelings. Earth-sign persons are congenial with members of their own triplicity-namely, Taurus and Capricorn-and also with the water sign Cancerians, Scorpians, and Pisceans.

Mentally well-developed Virgos, however, note the fine points in all kinds of people. The most advanced members of this sign refuse to be critical, having acquired and inspired confidence in others, who can be assured of receiving from Virgo encouraging words. They become "mental doors" for others, thus discovering greater beauty in, and deeper understanding of, the world about them.

Virgos have a decidedly feminine quality in their makeup for astrologically speaking, this is a feminine sign. They are soft-voiced and gentle. It is only when that hard, critical qualities override their love and appreciation of others that they exercise their sharp tongues. Earth sign people, unlike fire sign individuals, are not usually quick-tempered. However, Virgos are impatient with imperfection. They expect and desire perfection in their partners. But they must learn to soften their intensely critical dispositions. They should use their insight wisely and lovingly and, instead of censuring their partners and making them miserable, attempt to see past their weaknesses to the strength and beauty beyond. This completes the seventh labor of Hercules and assures happiness for valuable Virgo types.