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Astrology - Virgo and Problems of Health and Service

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Virgo and Problems of Health and Service

Astrologers believe that the labor problem and the sign of Virgo are related, for this sixth sign has much to do with work, workers and service. We do not have to understand the labor problem, however, to understand Virgo's relation to this sixth labor of Hercules. In the previous chapter, we spoke of true happiness as devolving from divine love; and we may further state here, under the heading of labor, that the happiest people in the world are those who are busily employed at congenial work. Happiness is the perfume which honest toil exudes, be it manual or intellectual. If the individual's hours are busily occupied, then time ceases for that person and he is temporarily in tune with the Infinite. Joy in our work, then, is something available and discoverable. Watch people on a street: the busy ones who are "going places" are both healthy and happy. Clerks, grocers, homemakers, truck-drivers, motormen and waitresses, all happy in their jobs. Virgos know this well, for the sixth is the sign of service. Many enter service fields, such as medicine, nursing, and social work.

This sign is also related to health. The busy Virgo is the healthy Virgo; no busy person has time to get ill or become a hypochondriac. The mental gastric juices circulate best and the intestinal tract operates most smoothly when they are digesting a load of work for the good of the world. Do not feel the pangs of envy if you have to "work for a living." If this were not beneficial, then what would we strive for? Nature has seen to it that the great majority of people do have to work and are therefore happy. Happiness never comes when sought, but rather as a by-product of our service to others.

So Virgo is the sign of labor and health-two great principles which, when joined, form happiness and peace of mind.