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Astrology - Virgo and the Problems of Love and Happiness

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Virgo and the Problems of Love and Happiness

We tend to think of the intellectual and the emotional as somehow mutually exclusive, but perhaps this is because the keenest minds often have the greatest control over their feelings and do not display them so readily. Therefore, we cannot say that Virgos are unemotional, but rather that they control their innermost feelings, and display only those emotions which are inspired by beauty, love, and other high ideals. People who love with both mind and heart are more apt to select the right loved one. But Virgos will pause to consider family background and the mental qualifications of their prospective mates. They are never ones to be swept off their feet by emotionalism but believe that congenial companionship will generate love and bring about that perfect union.

Approaching this decision so wisely, Virgos frequently prosper in their love affairs and select highly suitable lifecompanions. The heart-centered, fire-sign persons, like Leo, or Sagittarius, or even Aries, form permanent unions largely on the basis of impulse. After the first spark of love is cold, he finds that he and his mate are incompatible; and that they do not have a common meeting ground on which to build a lifelong companionship. Virgos do not make this mistake. They know how to select their mates, and can even help others in this respect. Their minds cut through the fog of illusion and blow away emotional clouds so that they see clearly. And the highest types of love dwell in these higher altitudes, above the fog and clouds.

Virgos find that happiness abides in the heart that is capable of adjusting itself to new environments, and of finding satisfactions therein which partly compensate for any loss of loved ones. Through innate wisdom they learn to endure limitations and privations, bereavements and broken friendships, and to draw fresh stimulation from new experiences. In conclusion then, Virgos are usually fortunate in love because they can choose appropriate spouses.