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Astrology - Virgo and the Home

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Virgo and the Home

Practical people are usually the best home-makers, since creating a home is founded upon practicality and should be something that we can count upon as secure at all times. The home-maker's qualifications include reliability, domesticity and friendliness-this latter, of course, means thinking about the welfare of others, having consideration for their feelings, and working with them for their good. Examining the lives of many home-makers, we see housewives who are too self-sacrificing, depleting their strength until they cannot properly perform their varied duties. This represents an extreme, whereas, in all things, we should strive to maintain balance. Virgos, however, make excellent home-makers, for the majority of them are smart enough to know that a happy home is an essential. They are usually very careful mothers who see to it that their children receive both physical and mental daily bread. Virgos possess great inner strength, although outwardly they may appear frail. They have deep wells of knowledge and strength within them, and are capable of great endurance. They do, however, become annoyed at trivial disturbances which, due to their ruling planet Mercury, causes them to complain over small things, thereby creating an atmosphere of irritability in their immediate surroundings. Small imperfections grate upon sensitive Virgos, and they protest them vehemently. Virgos must control this innate tendency if they are to solve the problems of the home. They become marvelous persons to associate with when they release their inner sources of wisdom and permit their intuitions and perceptions to be outwardly expressed.

The typical Virgo home is neat and furnished to perfection. Everything has a place and everything is in its place. They delight in home ownership and glory in beautiful surroundings. To have and to hold the home is one of the characteristic Virgo ideals.