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Astrology - Virgo and Human Relationships

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Virgo and Human Relationships

Virgos are affectionate, home-loving persons although they may not be demonstrative. They are attached to family and friends, and often their daily service works for the welfare of their close associates. Virgoans are much attached to their own-to their children, parents, brothers and sisters. In many cases the fondness of the Virgoan for his companions in the blood tie prevents him from seeking companionship outside the family circle, and thus Virgoans often delay marriage until later in life. They delight in the intellectual companionship of congenial friends; and, together, these keen, intelligent types discuss and answer many important questions.

Virgoans are said to have the power of self-comprehension. This self-analysis is good, if not carried to the extreme. However, Virgoans are apt to turn their penchant for mental and emotional diagnosis upon their associates, demanding of them perfection in every small detail. This causes their associates to feel that Virgos are too critical and fussy. Virgos' sharp tongues can cut deep wounds which, if permitted, can destroy their most satisfying relationships. What the critical Virgo type should try to develop is an understanding of the feelings of others, as well as an appreciation of other's abilities. If they cannot develop this understanding and appreciation the easy way-that is, projecting themselves into another's situation-then they have to learn the hard way, by incurring the ill feelings of others who will then make life more difficult for them. Thus are we all forced to train ourselves. Like a good horse, if our minds run away with us, we fall. However, if we learn to lead them in the direction we desire, they are the best possible servants, and will deliver us safely to victory. The Virgo proudly possesses a superb "race horse"-i.e., a fine mind-and it is his privilege and obligation to train it. It is through the operation of their mental processes that they achieve happy human relationships.