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Astrology - Virgo and Finances

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Virgo and Finances

Finances do not as a rule, seriously trouble Virgoans, inasmuch as the sixth sign majors in service and accomplishment, and the world is always ready to pay for first-class work. These industrious people, like the ants and the bees, enjoy bustling activity. Even Virgoans who are born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouths are happiest when involved in some constructive, creative work. These labors should be directed in the types of work ruled by Virgo's lucky planet, Mercury, which include all occupations which require clarity of thought and agile handling. Among the Mercurial positions are those of accountant, clerk, writer, and speaker-by which last we mean the good conversationalist, the person who is capable of meeting the public, who says the right thing at the right time.

This sign supplies our most conscientious individuals, but their weakness lies in that they are apt to pay too much attention to unessential details, allowing the larger items to escape unnoticed. Virgos lose opportunities this way. Then, too, Virgos tend to value purely mechanical elements above the human. Not only Virgos, but people of any sign are apt to do this when caught up in a maze of activities. Thus, some trivial detail undermines a valuable Virgo relationship which, in turn, affects his financial status.

Gifted as these people are, they must work hard to develop cooperative attitudes toward others. Fond of adulation, they, learn to return praise where due. Virgoans love freedom and look forward to bright futures. By always keeping in mind the idea of Nature's abundance, as symbolized in the picture of the ripened wheat, Virgoans find that such reaping of God's bounty is their true destiny.