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Astrology - Virgo Achieves the Goal

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Virgo Achieves the Goal

We know that the goal of any Virgo in any activity is perfection. The sixth-sign person who is endeavoring to become a musician, will perfect his technique until the spirit of the music has an ideal vehicle for expression. These people are extremely accurate in their use of words. They make excellent literary critics. Sedentary work is not distasteful to them. Thus we find them willingly spending long hours in the development of their talents.

As authors, Virgos give us the technical rather than the imaginative writers. They are gifted in the art of home-making, enjoy companionship, yet they enjoy solitude and can carry a project to completion alone. They do not enjoy subordinate positions, but prefer to rule. They can focus all of these qualities upon the work at hand. In quietude, Virgos, slowly, but surely, mature themselves and their work. Willing to sacrifice in the present for the success of the future, it is not surprising that they do emerge unexpectedly from some secluded retreat to display an unsuspected, but now fully-trained, talent.

All of the time in seclusion is spent brooding. During this interval something is created which is later displayed and used. But Virgos should realize they will win still greater acclaim when they are willing to sacrifice their purely personal aims for larger goals. This recognition gives Virgos a new sense of responsibility toward others, and presents them with a right, unselfish objective. Such an attitude is not only a blessing to the individual himself, but a great benefit to his associates. This type of service is the keynote of a Virgo's life.