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Astrology - Virgo and Friendship

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Virgo and Friendship

Before we can "get along" with other people, we first have to learn to "get along" with ourselves. Virgos should certainly have this inner harmony, for they are endowed with Nature's finest qualities. It is easy, however, for worry, envy, and jealousy to throw these delicate mechanisms out of kilter. This means the disruption of individual harmony and the end of peace among friends. Virgos may not have great numbers of friends, such as we expect of Gemini people, but those to whom they are attracted are sincere individuals who prove their worth through long acquaintance. The higher types of people who enjoy mental companionship and demand a certain perfection of character spontaneously appeal to Virgos. As teachers, these sixth-sign people are extremely capable, making life-long friends of their pupils, keeping in touch with them, whenever possible, even after the term of instruction ends.

Virgos are interested in people, individually; and cultivating a feeling of kinship with all humanity should not pose a real problem for the Virgo type. This feeling of universality is highly developed in individuals born in Pisces and Aquarius, as we know; but in Virgo, there is an added emphasis upon individualism, making them intense, personal, direct, exacting and penetrating, rather than diffuse.

Virgos are congenial with people of the earth signs and often have binding relationships with Geminis being drawn to them through their sharing of their lucky ruling star, Mercury. Such companionships bring satisfaction, and can culminate in active channels of service to the many rather than the few. Thus, Virgo learns to widen his horizon and to broaden his outlook. It is possible for Virgos to lift a purely personal relationship into almost an expression of divine love. Virgos cannot be completely happy unless they feel the assurance of friendly companionships. Being "true blue" themselves, they long for companions who reflect this same trust and good will.