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Astrology - Virgo and Success

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Virgo and Success

Ambition and the drive for a successful career are definitely commendable expressions of the life urge. People born in the sign of Virgo differ widely as to what rows to hoe, for these Mercurial types find many fields look green to them. Virgos are naturally diligent and persistent. Because of these excellent traits, even when only modestly possessed, they often succeed. Virgos have quick minds and are not discouraged easily but persevere until they win their reward. These people, above all others, delight in doing even small jobs well. Blessed with retentive memories, their minds are comparable to the productive Earth which brings forth its fruits so abundantly.

Virgos are especially endowed by Nature to achieve outstanding success, and even fame, if they set their minds upon it. There is only one Virgo defect which may retard this development, and that is the tendency to exaggerate the importance of detail to the neglect of larger issues. When they learn to encourage their higher natures, negating their smaller selves before that positive Self within, they permit their most expansive and charitable natures, rather than their hypercritical and exacting lower personalities, to take the lead. As Virgos learn the secret of first controlling themselves, then "it follows as the day the night" they will grow capable of leading others. This happens without further effort on their parts, for humanity bows before the person who radiates the glow from this Inner Presence, and they long to bask in the light of this Sun.

Success lies in ambush for the Virgo who follows through with his chosen work, which, under the planet Mercury, may be anything that requires tact, skill, reason, and good judgment.