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Virgo - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Virgo and Self-Knowledge

The keynote of the sixth sign is sincerity. Virgos are the most upright and honest of people, straightforward and genuine. Akin to the planet Mercury, their ruler, we find them, like people of Gemini, displaying exceptionally keen perception and discernment. This is the sign of understanding and wisdom which gives the world its keenest analytical minds. The sixth astrological sign pictures a virgin carrying sheaves of wheat in her arms to indicate the sign's great productive power. These people are our creators and our analysts. Astrologically speaking, the element of this sign is earth, bestowing upon its members a practicality which adds to the world's goods.

Each sign has a particular quality all its own, and we feel when we contact Virgo that we are dealing with one that reflects purity, neatness, and perfection. Virgos are comely people, dainty-featured and soft-voiced. Although not robust in appearance, they are wiry and strong. Less emotional as a class than Leos, they have instead a cool, collected attitude that is refreshing. We enjoy the association of people who relax us, who convince us through their own serenity that "all's right with the world," and with ourselves.

Virgos are philosophical and given to deep reasoning. However, they are quick to detect even the inconspicuous flaw in any piece of work, especially kinds which are governed by their ruling planet, Mercury. We may describe them as intelligent, and we can rely on their good judgment as teachers and guides. Quick to arrive at accurate conclusions, it is difficult to compete with Virgo in any type of work to which he is especially suited.

Earth-sign persons are persistent and practical, not ones to give up in the face of apparent failure. Their mental power, like a ray of piercing light, pulverizes obstacles which clutter Life's path. Trivial annoyances do not absorb their attention. True blue as they are, Virgos usually succeed at whatever they attempt.