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Taurus - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Taurus and Ideals

Still considering the problem of self-renewal, we find that it is closely concerned with that of directed thinking processes. Ideas and ideals rule the world. Thought is cause; renewal, effect. Earth-sign people who desire to renew their energies and achieve greater success should try to redirect their thinking into higher paths. When a determined effort is made to elevate our minds, positive thinking becomes habitual, and we never permit ourselves to entertain evil thoughts of weakness, poverty, or ill fortune. Negative ideas are blotted out. If we find that we are presented with problems of insufficiency or illness, we do what is necessary to rectify the external situation, but we must definitely dissociate ourselves mentally from these negative circumstances. Thus do we release ourselves from what we do not want.

It is not easy, even for determined and resolute persons, to change their thinking habits overnight. Sometimes it takes years; but when the heart is set upon it, the mind will follow suit. "The wish is father to the thought." Let that wish be one of divine love and wisdom, and watch the personal life take a marked turn for the better. A person who is thus selfdetermined is never down-and-out; he may be down, but never out. He has something to cling to in his hour of trial. He can feel secure in faith and knowledge. He sets a goal toward which he strives. To keep the mind centered upon a high objective is to drive failure away.

Taurians need to fix their minds upon something high enough to prevent them from leaning upon others for comfort. They should be independent of outside reactions. The high ideal gives this needed objective and strength. It becomes a guiding star, a compass in the storms of life. Ideals are centers of power and enthusiasm. They supply Taurians with an incentive, a dynamic drive, which every one of them needs. Thus, by setting for themselves a high goal, they complete the ninth labor of Hercules, that of achieving a new standard of life.