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Taurus - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Taurus and Self-Renewal

Who is it that does not need to be renewed in some phase of his life? When we consider ourselves and note our deficiencies in certain areas of experience, we want to bring these weak points up to par. We desire to lift our whole level of being. To quote the words of an old song, we want to "plant our feet on higher ground." There is a way to do this, and Taurians demand to see this way clearly. Like "doubting Thomases," they are inclined to shut their eyes and ears to some facts of Nature until these are demonstrated to them.

How it is possible to renew ourselves and our environment totally is a mystery, but the mystery can be solved. Let us recall, in this connection, the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves wherein the magic words "Open Sesame" brought the discovery of a great treasure. The treasure we seek today is revealed in the ancient adage, "Know Thyself." Selfknowledge is not only concerned with the renewing of the mind and body but with outward circumstances also. As we are dependent upon laws of Nature for our life and daily sustenance, if we find that we lack in any respect it indicates that some phase of our relationship to Nature should be strengthened. We are not living up to the highest standard that our sun-sign demands. We are weak in our ability to reason, or to feel, in accord with Universal Law. If our lives reflect limitations, if we are ill and restricted in our expression, there is a way to change these negative states. The power to change lies in the art of right thinking, for body and mind go "hand in hand."

Taurians, when convinced that a change is necessary, are ready to make the upward step. They redirect themselves upon life's path by determining to make their thinking processes constructive. They refuse to entertain negative thoughts about themselves or others. Life takes on keener interest, and good fortune begins to replace bad luck. Could all this be due to a change in thought from negative to positive? We believe it is, but only the Taurian can prove this for himself.