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Taurus - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Taurus and the Problems of Marriage and Partnership

Venus-ruled Taurians bring stimulation to love and marriage. They are essentially good partners, people upon whom others learn to rely. Affectionate and easily influenced emotionally, we find them slow to anger, long-suffering, and kind. Taurians are not among those who rush into marriage, but deliberate and consider before forming a permanent union.

Taurians are creatures of habit-just as we all are, to some extent. They tend to form ruts in their daily living which require drastic effort to alter or enlarge. This tendency has its good side, however, inasmuch as Taurians may also form beneficial "ruts," falling into some very favorable activities which aid them along the right paths.

If we desire to convert the Taurian to our own way of thinking, we must remember that he must first be convinced that we are right, and that to persuade him takes persistence on our part. We must prove our points. It is worth the effort for to win his cooperation brings a fortunate Venus power to our aid. This power is true blue. We may place our confidence in Taurians knowing they will never violate our trust as long as they live in accord with the high qualities of the sign.

To Taurians who are already united in the bond of matrimony and who desire to bring the greatest possible happiness to this union, let them follow the lead of Venus, as this planet has much to say of love. Venus teaches unselfishness. She shows us that envy prevents good human relationships and that to rejoice in the successes of our partner is to insure happiness. To praise rather than to criticize, to show genuine interest, to give affection, to offer help in the problems of others-these are all Venus qualities that help us "to have and to hold" those whom we cherish. Successful partnerships result from these same efforts. By understanding a few fundamental rules of love, we master the art of acquiring happy human relationships in all phases of life, especially in marriage.