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Taurus - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Taurus and the Problems of Service

Practical Taurus sees the necessity of establishing goals in relation to work, and knows how to stick to tasks until they are accomplished. These types adhere to choices once made. We find them rising to the top in many classes of employment, including those trades ruled by the planet Venus. They may become successful beauticians, artists, musicians, clerical workers, financiers, gardeners, landscape architects, or farmers. They delight in cultivation of the soil and the raising of crops. They enjoy the care of animals. We find Taurians successful in financial offices and also in the world of politics. But since we must consider possible problems of the sign, how can a Taurian fail in his chosen profession when he has the stick-to-it-iveness required to succeed?

He may fail because of tangential, personal relationships. If he has dealings with associates toward whom he feels jealous, then discord arises which can undermine even business success. If the Taurian cultivates cooperation and exercises his Venus love nature, then he is winning friends and is also winning financial success. We naturally like people who like us. We admire optimistic, enthusiastic and cheerful people. The moody person is avoided. If we become critical of others, are always "picking them to pieces," we are indirectly losing the battle of the sixth labor of Hercules.

When we develop tolerance, we are winning not only the game of labor, but mysteriously, the game of health, too, for bodily forces tend to build good health in those who maintain an inner harmony of mind and soul. If Taurians are careful not to overindulge in the dainties of the table, and exert intelligent selection in their choices of food; if they remember, also, to take moderate exercise; then nature accords them abundant health and vigor to a great old age. Always endeavoring to radiate the love of their lucky planet Venus, the Taurian is bound to win through in the areas of health and service.